Expedited Transcript vs. Rough Draft

October 17th, 2018

Expedited Transcript versus Rough Draft

There are times when you need almost immediate access to deposition transcript testimony and can't wait the standard 10 business days for delivery. Should you order an "expedited" transcript, or a rough draft?

That depends on why you need the transcript.

A rough draft transcript is created from the raw steno notes of the court reporter and isn't certified to be an accurate, verbatim transcript of the proceedings. It cannot be used in trial or cited in written or oral motions. It is simply to be used for witness preparation or for an attorney's notes and should not be used to try to impeach a witness, since it is not certified as verbatim.

An expedited transcript is a final, certified transcript of the proceedings and can be used in trial and cited in written or oral motions.

Any time you know you will need an expedited transcript, you should let the court reporting firm know at the time you schedule the deposition so that can be taken into consideration when a reporter is assigned to cover that job.

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