Get the Most out of Your PDF Transcript

November 15th, 2018

What Else Can You Do With a PDF?

In an earlier blog post, we described the various formats in which deposition or hearing transcripts can be delivered One of the benefits we specified was the universal compatibility of Adobe PDF files, meaning they can be opened several types of devices and on both PC and Mac. If the only use you're getting out of your PDF documents is compatibility, though, you're missing out.

As mentioned in the previous post, to read your PDF transcript or other document you only need access to the free Acrobat Reader, which is usually preinstalled on computers and tablets. Many law firms have access to Adobe Acrobat, in which there are additional features that are extremely useful in document production, exhibit creation, and in managing information in complex cases.

With the full version of Adobe Acrobat, you can:

·         Insert new pages into a PDF and eliminate pages

·         Reorder pages

·         Rotate pages

·         Add Bates stamps to documents

·          Zoom in on small text

·         Highlight important text passages

·         Search for text

·         Redact sensitive information

·         Tag important pages so you can quickly find them later

·         Make notes in the margins

It's obvious that by knowing how to use these tools, attorneys and paralegals can save quite a bit of time and headaches.

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