What Type of Transcript Should I Order?

October 17th, 2018

At the end of your deposition, your court reporter will ask you in which format you wish to receive your transcript and list off a number of options. How do you know what you really need? Do you need a hard copy of the transcript too?

·         PDF: Adobe's PDF files are the most universally accessible format to receive your transcript. They can be opened with Adobe's free viewer, which is built in to most internet browsers. Legal Media Experts delivers PDF transcripts with the exhibits attached, but with some firms you'll need to specifically request to have the exhibits attached to the PDF file. You cannot create a word index from a PDF file, but you can print a condensed transcript (by selecting to print 4 pages to 1 page in the print command).

·         E-Tran: E-Transcript files are delivered in a proprietary .PTX format which can only be opened with the RealLegal E-Transcript viewer. From within the viewer, you can print the transcript in full-sized or condensed format (generally 4 pages to 1 page) and a word index. The transcript can also be exported to PDF or Word.

·         ASCII  - ASCII files are ordered by attorneys who need to upload the transcript into litigation management software such as Summation,

Sometimes attorneys say they "just want an E-tran" when they really mean a PDF or just to receive the file electronically. It's good to know the differences between PDF, E-Tran, and ASCII so you're not surprised when you receive your transcript.

So, when should you order a hard copy?

The court reporting firm will always send you the sealed original hard copy of the deposition for filing with the court. With Legal Media Experts, you'll also receive an email with the transcript and exhibits in PDF format and any other formats you've requested. From the PDF, you can print out a hard copy for your own use - many attorneys find it easier to highlight passages and take notes on a hard copy transcript instead of on a computer. As long as you have the ability to print the transcript out yourself, it really doesn't make sense to order a hard copy from the court reporting firm, since they'll have to mail it to you.

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